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Travel Through History with the Roadside Presidents iPhone App

February 17, 2012 by Editor in Travel with 0 Comments

If you are a history buff and you like taking road trips, the Roadside Presidents iPhone App is perfect for you. Once you download it for a measly $2.99 at the iTunes App store, you will have access to thousands of Presidential tourist attractions all over the U.S.

These locations range from historic places like birthplaces and memorials to more quirky sights like the ice cream store where President Obama worked during high school. Users can search the app by president or location.

While you are browsing you will be treated to various fun facts, visitor stories, tips, directions and other information about the location where you are. You can even snap photos within the application and record your memories with the “Been There” feature.

The app itself is ever-growing with information and new locations updated in real-time as they are added by the creators and editorial team over at Roadside America. This app was created by the same team who developed the top-selling, App Store Staff Favorite Roadside America in 2011.

“We’ve discovered so many bizarre presidential sights out there. By visiting conventional landmarks, but also the hidden treasures, you get the broader, nuttier picture of America’s history. You’ll never think of George Washington quite the same way after you’ve seen his whiskey-making still — or of Ronald Reagan after seeing a statue of him eating a potato pancake,” says Ken Smith, Senior Editor at Roadside America.

The team spent years gathering historical facts about everything from siblings and White House pets to assassination, conspiracy and scandal locations. There are attractions everywhere.

You may find a highway of Vice Presidents in Indiana, a robot Lyndon Johnson cracking jokes in Texas or a giant George Bush sequoia in California. Funny, scary and interesting historical facts and locations await you on your next road trip with this little app. Roadside Presidents lets you have a little fun when you travel, and learn a thing or two while you’re at it!


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