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Top 4 “Green” Shopping Tips

March 19, 2012 by Cristina Habersetzer in Shop with 0 Comments

Wondering how you can shop green while saving some “green”? We’ve got tips to help you help the planet without breaking your budget.

Tip 1: Think Local

Not only are farmers markets often the most affordable option for fresh, in-season produce, they’re also a good bet for the planet. Because the produce sold at farmers markets doesn’t have to travel far, fuel consumption and carbon emissions are greatly decreased. You’re also cutting the time it takes to get the food from farm to table – making it much fresher than anything you could find in the grocery store.

Tip 2: Recycle & Reuse

Most cities offer recycle programs using separate bins (some even enforce their use) for paper and plastic materials. If you’re not using them, get to it! Buying items that can be reused (like canvas grocery bags, water bottles, and cloth napkins) saves you a lot of money. Cut out the cost of paper napkins and bottled water for good. You could also donate clothing and household goods to your local charity. It’s good for the community and the landfill!

Tip 3: Repurpose

Household cleaners are expensive, but there are many low-cost, environmentally friendly alternatives. You can use toothpaste to clean jewelry, vinegar to clean most surfaces (even your hair), and old t-shirts as cleaning rags.

Tip 4: Research

Make a list of brands you use often and go to their website to find out if they have any green-initiatives. Really look at the packaging on the things you buy and purchase the products with the least amount of packaging. You can feel good about using products that make it a point to use environmentally sound materials and practices.

Are you already shopping green and have some tips that you don’t see here? Share them in the comments below!

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