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The Best Time to Buy

April 19, 2012 by Burton Cates in Shop with 0 Comments

I’ve broken it down by month so you can find the best time to get the lowest price on appliances, fashion and even food. Take a look below.


Christmas décor – It’s on clearance!

Diet foods – Marketers know your most common New Year’s resolution: to get back into shape! Take advantage while you can.

Bicycles and sporting goods – When retailers need to unload their extra inventory after the holidays you’ll really save.

Furniture – Showrooms are between seasons, so now is a good time to haggle on a new living room set.


Chocolate – After Valentine’s Day, there’ll be lots of leftover inventory for you to grab at great prices.

Steak and seafood – Again, right after Valentine’s Day, these items go on sale.

Digital cameras – Because the Consumer Electronics Tradeshow happens every year in January, new models hit the shelves in February. You can save big by picking up last year’s model.

Check out this post to see even more ways to save in February.


Boats – Spring is upon us! Get a boat at a discount before the summer rush.

Luggage – Right between winter sales and just before spring break, retailers are eager to move inventory in March.

Winter clothing and sports equipment – The season is coming to a close so stock up while you can.

Boots – Similar to winter clothing, boots are typically reserved for colder months. Take advantage of spring fever and get a hot deal on a new pair.


Candy – Love Peeps? You’ll save a bundle after Easter on holiday candies.

Cruises – Book short-notice cruises at deep discounts when cruise lines are trying to keep their ships full.

Laptops – Laptops are always cheap this time of year… could it be the impeding summer vacation and lack of sales that drive the savings? Whatever the reason, you’ll be happy to reap the benefits of discounted goods.

Cookware – Not only is it wedding season, but graduation is just around the corner. Take advantage of this season’s markdowns and pick up the necessities and newest kitchen gadgets.

Vacuum Cleaners – New models debut in June so retailers will be trying to clear the shelves during April and May.


Patio furniture – Like most of the items on this list, retailers are making way for new inventory this month so now’s the time to save.

Hotdogs, hamburgers and picnic foods – As people gear up for their summer picnics, now’s the time to save. Not ready to start grilling? Freeze the meat for later.


Gym memberships – Since the weather is nice and New Year’s resolutions have been long-forgotten, you’re in the best position to haggle a good price out of your local gym.

Off-season sports fan gear – Most college and pro sports are off-season right now, but you can still show your support by purchasing their gear at a discount.


Broadway tickets – Pick up half-priced tickets during New York’s off-season for tourism.

Grills – After Independence Day, stores shift from summer to back-to-school season. Save big on this summer staple while you can.


Pool supplies – As summer comes to a close, you can snap up discounted pool equipment and supplies and save big next summer.

Laptops – Whether or not you or someone you know is headed back to school this fall, you can take advantage of the savings.

Kids clothing – Have I hammered in the back-to school sales enough already? Even if you don’t have kids, you can pick up clothes for friends’ children at discounts and save them for Christmas gifts!

Wines – It’s early harvest season, so you may be able to find some small-runs at a great discount.

Linens – This one is for the college crowd, who need to dress the dorm room. Now you can save too.


Cars – Just before the new year brings new models, head over to the dealership and you’ve got some wiggle room to bargain.

Warm weather outdoor equipment – as fall rolls in, save on items like lawn mowers and weed eaters.

Holiday airfare – You’ve got a couple months until Thanksgiving so get your airline tickets taken care of before the stampede.


Jeans – Excess inventory not sold during back-to-school season can be found at even deeper discounts in October.


Candy – Yet another post-holiday savings item… get in there to take advantage of leftover Halloween candies.

Wedding dresses – Just before the holiday engagements, save big on your gown.

Home theatre equipment – Super Bowl season means that big flat screen TV you’ve been eyeing is about to go on sale.


Champagne – As luck would have it, this is both the season to drink it, and to buy it—when it’s most available.

Tools – Winter repairs aren’t very popular, so sales dip and discounts begin.

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