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Style Recap From the 84th Academy Awards

February 28, 2012 by Editor in Shop with 0 Comments

The Oscars played host to some great fashion gems this year with each stylish hit shining brightly as it waltzed down the red carpet or onto the stage. Unfortunately there were just as many fashion blunders making appearances at the event as well. Now, let’s have some fun and look at 10 of the stylish dos and don’ts from the 84th Academy Awards show.

Red Carpet Dos

Among the many attendees and presenters at the Oscars, there were 10 well-styled stars that stand out in my mind. Cameron Diaz looked elegant in her ivory dress and Penelope Cruz demonstrated class with a movie-star flare in her fairytale ensemble. Check out the album below and see what we have to say about each person’s attire by clicking on the “i” icon. Hint: You can pop out the photo gallery to full screen by clicking on the FS button.

Style Dos at 84th Academy Awards

Stars with style at the 84th Academy Awards.

[img src=]
Cameron Diaz looks elegant in her ivory, well-fitting gown.
[img src=]
Gwyneth Paltrow pulls off a simple, flattering look in her white dress.
[img src=]
Michael Douglas projects a sharp, strong presentation in his perfectly assembled ensemble.
[img src=]
Milla Jovovich glistens on stage in this sparkling white gown.
[img src=]
Natalie Portman is the lady in red. Her dress, accessories and hair all have the right balance.
[img src=]
Octavia Spencer shined brightly during her acceptance speech in this figure-flattering white gown.
[img src=]
Penelope Cruz was pure Hollywood perfection in this gorgeous blue dress, modest accessories and classy do.
[img src=]
Maya Rudolph pulled off a royal look in her purple gown — looking great after just having a baby just a few months ago!
[img src=]
Tom Cruise is dapper as ever, going with a traditional tie rather than the presently popular bow-tie.
[img src=]
Billy Crystal sports some smart coat tails and wears his penguin tux well.

Red Carpet Don’ts

Although there were many well-dressed celebrities at the 84th Academy Awards, there were 10 wardrobe mishaps that stood out on stage and at the Governor’s Ball. Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis looked comical in their white marching band get-ups and Leila Hatami looked like a breezy ghost in her lady-in-white wrap. Check out the album below and see what we have to say about each person’s attire by clicking on the “i” icon. Hint: You can pop out the photo gallery to full screen by clicking on the FS button.

Style Don'ts at 84th Academy Awards

Fashion blunders at the 84th Academy Awards.

[img src=]
Angelina Jolie looked frail buried in her massive surrounding of black fabric.
[img src=]
Christopher Plummer was a mismatch with his blue suede jacket.
[img src=]
Emma Stone might have pulled off this red dress if it didn’t look like it was hanging her by her bow.
[img src=]
Jennifer Lopez tried to share a little too much with her misguided attempt at style.
[img src=]
Leila Hatami is like an apparition in this ghost-like ensemble.
[img src=]
Melissa McCarthy’s dress looked like it was pieced together in bits and never actually finished.
[img src=]
Meryl Streep was a little lost in her golden miles of fabric. We know she’s in there somewhere.
[img src=]
Robert Downey Jr. did the black on different shade of black. Gave the
[img src=]
Sandra Bullock aged 20 years in this dress. I think my grandmother may have worn something like this.
[img src=]
Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell – The all-white, marching band theme just was too ridiculous to be anything other than them having a laugh.

If you are feeling fashion envy, remember, most of the dresses, jewelry, accessories and suits worn by the attendees of this event are borrowed from famous designers or boutiques looking for name recognition and mentions as the stars walk down the red carpet. You can find dresses and costume jewelry that look just as good, if not better, at some department stores and other fashionista outlets like Marshalls, Ross, Kohl’s or T.J. Maxx.

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