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Smart News – Week of Feb. 11, 2012

February 11, 2012 by Editor in Smart News with 0 Comments

Every week there are a few things going on in the news that are worth mentioning. Whether its about innovative technology or smart choices, you decide if they are “smart” or not.

Smart happenings the week of February 11, 2012:

Angry Birds App Makes you Smarter: Do you want to keep your brain young, healthy and smart? Using visual brain train apps — even mobile games like Angry Birds — can help you do this! Scientists found that games requiring focus give the brain a healthy workout. Reading, writing and playing games all slow the growth of amyloid, the brain protein scientists think might cause memory loss. This could help in preventing Alzheimer’s, or at least help slow down the progression of it.

Innovative Juice Bottle with Built-in Portion Control: Just squeeze and the juice fills up the container on the top of the bottle, flip the flap on the lid, pour and you’ve got yourself a perfectly proportioned glass of juice.

Jet Blu  iPhone App Debuted this Week: Jet Blu gets mobile with it by releasing a new app that allows you to book flights from your smart phone. Unfortunately, you will have to own an iPhone to take advantage of this. Maybe not so smart after all? Where’s the Android love?

itunes Genius Not so Smart: More times than not iTunes’ Genius App will give you music recommendations based on what is in your library — but it selects anything in its catalog, old and new music alike. A new app called Album Scout, available for download on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, only gives suggestions for new artists and albums coming out based on what you have in your musical library.

In addition, this little app enhances your music collection in an easy-to-navigate format, including biographies, a list of similar artists, and the artist’s top albums, all from

Genius Wallet Launched for Mobile Payments by Mozido: This app is a global mobile wallet platform for the unbanked and banked. In other words, you don’t have to have a bank account to pay for things with your mobile phone … The CEO of Mozido LLC says, “Our Genius Wallet brings every mobile phone user, including the unbanked, into a secure, convenient, and efficient financial ecosystem. It offers opportunity and hope for a huge population worldwide, empowering them to enjoy a broad range of banking and financial services often for the first time, using their mobile phone.”

Robots that Gather Their Own Fuel and Clean Up Their Own “Waste”: Yep, now there are robots that can gather and digest any organic matter they find and turn it into fuel. The best part? They expel that organic matter and collect it themselves in their very own “litter tray”. It’s like a cat that feeds itself and then cleans up afterward … only it has less fur.

Which of these factoids do you think is the smartest thing that happened this week? Tell us why you think so!


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Smart News – Week of Feb. 25, 2012
Every week there are a few things going on in the news that are worth mentioning. Whether its about innovative technology or smart choices, you decide if they are ...
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