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Smart Apps to Make Your Money and Gas Last Longer

January 20, 2012 by Editor in Shop with 0 Comments

Over the last few years gas prices have continued on a rapid incline. While some people have tried to compensate for this increase buy purchasing newer cars that provide higher gas mileage, some of us are stuck with our older model cars — and their gas mileage is not so great.

There are a couple of mobile apps out there that can actually help you save money and get the most out of the gas you put in your car. These apps are available for most smart phones.

GasBuddy is a popular app that helps you find the cheapest gas prices around — no matter where you are. It will show you a list of nearby gas stations and the current price of gas based on your geo-location. This is a great little tool that I have actually used myself on multiple occasions. You’d be amazed how much money you save, even if it is just a little change per gallon.

EcoSpeed is a new app currently in the demo stage that is just about to hit the market. This little techno treasure can help you save up to 30% on fuel costs. Based on real-time information and your route, this app gives you a speed, and directions you should follow, that will help you save time and money.

It will suggest a route with the least amount of stops. Most gas consumption is heavily increased with elevated stop-and-go routes. It will also propose a speed for you to travel by, showing you how much money you will save by traveling at that mile-per-hour rate.

EcoSpeed Features:

  • Real-time feedback: You will have a personalized EcoSpeed that is updated in real-time along with acceleration, braking and fuel consumption data
  • Custom Personalization: You can configure and update your personal setting to save as much or as little as you like
  • Intelligent Learning System: EcoSpeed learns your driving habits and can suggest ways to improve upon them

All apps aside, planning your route ahead and minding your speed will always help balance your fuel consumption. You can try the EcoSpeed functionality in your browser before it comes out on mobile platforms. Just enter your to-and-from locations, select how much you want to save and watch it plan your route for you with suggested miles per hour.

Know of any other mobile apps out there that help with gas mileage? Leave us a comment and tell us all about it!


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