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Shop by Color, Which Color Fits Your Personality?

February 20, 2012 by Andrea Rechner-Perrin in Shop with 0 Comments

With spring right around the corner, many stores are already filled with the bright, vibrant colors of the new season.  When looking at the multitude of choices, it is often difficult to determine which color is right for you. Many factors can go into this decision.  Some have to do with your specific body characteristics: Which color looks the best with your skin tone?  Which color flatters your body type?  Which color accentuates your hair color?

Other factors have more to do with the actual colors themselves and their deeper significance. Real Simple magazine recently determined that there are four universally flattering clothing colors: eggplant, red, teal and rose. These colors work for most people because they are in the middle of the color wheel, not too plain and not too bold.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, some people choose their clothing colors based on the color’s true meaning.  Look at the list below and determine if your favorite clothing color matches your personality.

Red – Red is a color of passion, anger and intense emotion.  People who wear it tend to have big personalities and self-confidence.

Blue – Blue is listed as one of  the most popular colors and produces the opposite effect of the color red.  It is calming, peaceful and the symbol of loyalty.

Green – People who wear green are usually caring, calm and helpful.  It is the color of nature and the environment.

Black – Most fashion experts agree that black is a must-have color in every wardrobe.  It represents authority, power and respect.

White – Designated as a summer color, white represents innocence, purity and sterility.  People who wear white tend to appear level headed, positive and hopeful.

Orange – With slightly less intensity than red, orange still evokes strong feelings and emotion.  Although people who wear orange exhibit confidence and ambition,  the color also represents warmth, creativity, playfulness and health.

Yellow – Although yellow is a very cheerful color, bright yellow can be overstimulating and difficult for the eye to process.  The color represents optimism, individualism and independence.

Pink – Men and women can both wear pink to express their innocent and romantic sides.  Wearing pink represents calm, gentleness and compassion.

Purple – Representative of luxury, wealth and sophistication, purple is often associated with royalty.  Purple is a color of power, uniqueness and femininity.

If you shop by color, what color best represents you?

About Andrea Rechner-Perrin

Andrea Rechner-Perrin is a middle school Library Media Specialist in Gurnee, Illinois. She has been working in the field of education for over 14 years. Along with being an educator, she currently writes for Smart Talk Magazine and works as a researcher for Destination Rewards. She earned her B.S. from Illinois State University and holds an M.S. from National-Louis University and an M.S. Ed. from Northern Illinois University.

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