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It’s Friday the 13th – Will You Hide … or Thrive?

January 13, 2012 by Editor in You with 0 Comments

For the superstitious, Friday the 13th can be a torturous day. There are likely people within a stone’s throw of you right now who are crossing their eyes, burning sage or throwing salt over their shoulders to ward off the evil spirits of the day. But where does this fear actually come from? We don’t know. What we do know is there are plenty of reasons to actually enjoy Friday the 13th.

13 fun things to consider on Friday the 13th:

1. It gives you the opportunity to learn a really big new word: friggatriskaidekaphobia. Yes, that’s a real word meaning fear of Friday the 13th. Try saying that three times fast. Heck, try pronouncing it at all.

2. Are you and your friends or family fans of horror movies? Then Friday the 13th is the perfect day to throw a theme party. Rent some slasher flicks, prepare a menu of macabre delights (think deviled egg eyeballs, witches’ brew and other items you might serve for Halloween), turn the lights down low and have a killer evening.

3. Worried a black cat will cross your path today? In many cultures, including Ireland, a black cat actually symbolizes good luck. And if anyone knows about good luck, it’s the Irish, right?

4. If the number 13 is so unlucky, how come so many famous athletes, including Alex Rodriguez, Wilt Chamberlain and Dan Marino have sported it on their jerseys?

5. Some studies indicate that you’re actually safer on Friday the 13th than you are on most other days. Why? Because people worried about misfortune tend to be more careful than normal. Others are so terrified, they just don’t leave the house at all.

6. Speaking of The Others – no, not the creepy 2001 horror film that would be perfect for your theme party – those who choose to stay home for fear of falling victim to bad luck – they’re actually providing you a number of good opportunities. Now’s your chance to shine at work, scoop up that last must-have item on the clearance rack at the mall, and hopefully have less traffic to deal with.

7. Like tattoos? And the number 13? Various tattoo studios around the country offer $13 tattoos on Friday the 13th – provided your tattoo contains the number 13.

8. Lots of famous people were born on Friday the 13th, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Seinfeld (January 13, 1961), actor Steve Buscemi (December 13, 1957) and the Olsen twins (June 13, 1986). Yes, that’s Mary-Kate and Ashley for those of you who somehow got out of contributing to the multi-BILLION dollar fortune they’ve built on their popularity.

9. Are you a heavy metal fanatic? Well then surely you know that Black Sabbath released their debut album on Friday, February 13, 1970.

10. If you’re scared of Friday the 13th, luckily you’ll usually only have to deal with one per calendar year.

11. If you’re a fan of Friday the 13th—sorry friggatriskaidekaphobiacs — 2012 is your lucky year. There will be three of them – today, in April and in July.

12. You can think the number 13 is unlucky all you want, but if you have money in your pocket you are carrying around the “lucky” 13 every day! The back of a dollar bill has 13 all over it  – 13 steps on the pyramid … 13 arrows in the eagle’s right talon … 13 leaves and berries in the eagle’s  left talon. Need we say more?

13. No matter how you feel about it being the 13th – it is still … FRIDAY. The work week is over (for most of us) and the weekend is about to begin!

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