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Have the Best Super Bowl Party Ever!

January 30, 2012 by Editor in You with 0 Comments

If you don’t want to miss the Super Bowl festivities, but you would rather not go out, you can easily plan a small get together with a few close friends or family members and have a super night of fun, food and fond memories.

This year’s match-up between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots should be a total blast. We can help you with everything from decorations to quick and easy food ideas to make the moment fun without all the muss and fuss.

You can elect to decorate your festivity based on your team of choice, or mix up the decor for both teams. Most party supply stores are already stocked with Super Bowl party supplies for each team, with everything ranging from paper plates and napkins to balloons, party favors and pinatas.

If you are nowhere near a party supply store, local retail stores will usually have general 2012 Super Bowl supplies (even grocery stores) with plates, cups, napkins and table covers. They may be less likely to have team-specific supplies, but they will have the Super Bowl XLVI themed decoration on them.

If all else fails, you can always just gather party supplies that represent the general colors of your favorite team — and those supplies you can get virtually anywhere.

Food is another big thing on Super Bowl Sunday. The great thing about the food for this occasion — it can always be simple. Burgers, hot dogs, pizza, chips and dip, fruit salad, sodas, finger foods like veggies with dip or chicken fingers and buffalo wings. All of these things can easily be ordered, grilled or whipped up in under 15 minutes.

Guacamole Dip Recipe


3 avocados – peeled, pitted, and mashed
1 lime, juiced (or 3 squeezes from lime juice bottle)
1 teaspoon salt
Dash of sugar (not too much)
1/2 cup red onion, diced
1/4 cup yellow corn
3 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
2 small tomatoes, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced


In a medium bowl, mash together the avocados and then add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well. Refrigerate for one hour for best flavor, or serve immediately.

To aide in clean-up, try using containers that require the least amount of after-party work: paper plates, cups (or soda cans and 20 oz. bottles instead of 2-liter bottles) and napkins. The goal of this gathering is to have a little light-hearted fun, which should require only a light amount of polishing up at the end (it is a work day the next day after all).

No matter which team you are rooting for, a Super Bowl party is a great chance to have a low-impact gathering with those you care most about. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition among friends and family when you don’t see eye to eye on whether the Giants or the Patriots should win either!


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