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Five Tips to Help You Travel Smart

January 11, 2012 by Sonia Morgan in Travel with 0 Comments

Whether you’re planning a New York vacation or a getaway to the Caribbean, traveling can put a significant dent in your pocket. The good thing is, there are smart ways to save money on your trip and stay within budget without missing out on the fun.

Deciding where to go, how to travel and where to stay is just a click away and you will save a ton by doing the research.

Here are FIVE ways to travel smart and save big on your next trip:

  1. Book Last Minute, Travel Out of Season & Be Flexible — Procrastination is usually a bad thing, but when it comes to travel, it might save you a whole lot. Airlines would rather fill up their planes for lower fares than flying with empty seats. Also, when you travel out of season, you can get great rates on airfares and hotel rooms. Search for deals and book flights on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons … that’s usually when airlines reduce their fares. If you have to travel during the holidays, be flexible. Go a couple days before or after peak travel days, or travel on a holiday like Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day — fares are usually cheaper and airports are usually less crowded … who doesn’t want that?
  2. Pack Light, Pack Smart — The more you pack, the more you pay. Most airlines are charging baggage fees from $25 up for each checked bag, and even for your carry-on in some cases. Limit your packing to what you need. Jeans are a blessing. They are recyclable and can be worn to most places. And, do you really need 10 pairs of shoes? Probably not. Don’t take items like sunscreen and lotion — you can pick these up in a local pharmacy.
  3. Get Accommodations on the Cheap — Besides airfare, accommodation is the next big ticket item in your travel budget. But you can be smart about it and save big! Here’s something to consider … when you travel, just how much time do you actually spend in your hotel room? Exactly! So, while you want somewhere clean and comfy, you can forego the five-star amenities with the matching price tag and stay at a small-scale hotel, bed & breakfast or even with family or friends. If you have a large group, you might consider renting a vacation home.
  4. Eat Well, Pay Less — Forget the hotel restaurants with their hefty price tags. For the adventurous, trying the local cuisine — whether you’re in Mexico or Switzerland — is a must. But for the not-so-adventurous, you can surely find restaurants around that serve up international cuisine. Also, you can save big if you plan your meals and eat a big lunch and a light dinner. The lunch menu is usually comparable to the dinner menu, but much cheaper. If you like cooking, don’t rule out preparing your own meals, this will save you a lot. And, make sure to stock up on water, juices and snacks from a local grocery and steer clear of the mini bar.
  5. Be Entertained for FREE — Why spend money on entertainment, when you can get it for free? Many places offer free shows and live bands to keep you entertained during the night and there are usually free museums and other attractions during the day. Take advantage of these offers. If they are not available, then grab on to deals, steals and coupons! Try bars and lounges that offer happy hour or ladies-drink-free deals. How about hitting up Smart Savings Club where you can get anything from coupons to a delectable gourmet dinner or a local activity for a significantly reduced price?

Savings are everywhere! You just have to be smart to get them. So, spend less money on stuff and more time seeing the sites, enjoying the attractions and trying out the cuisine.


About Sonia Morgan

Sonia Morgan has been a journalist since 2000, and has worked for publications such as the Jamaica Gleaner, The Miami Times and Broward Times (now South Florida Times). She spent over six years as the Assistant Editor for the Caribbean National Weekly newspaper. Morgan earned a B.A. in English at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. She has now turned her attention to creating compelling marketing copy for Destination Rewards and contributing to Smart Talk Magazine.

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