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Be My Smart Valentine, Holiday Planning Ideas for Intelligent People

February 8, 2012 by Editor in Shop with 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day is a special day for many couples and families all over the world. It’s a time of expensive romantic dinners, high-priced vases of red roses and super-fattening big boxes of chocolate.

Why not celebrate this Valentine’s Day a lot smarter with a little flare, less money and a creative aspect sure to make things both fun and romantic?

First lets talk about cards. Have you ever stood in front of the Valentine’s card selection and found yourself putting most of them back thinking, “Nope too sappy,” “No … too silly,” or “Seriously, someone wrote this?”  Why not try making your own?

Valentine messages don’t have to be complex, you can get creative with some construction paper or other craft materials at your local crafts store or popular super store chains  – even drug stores have construction paper. Cut out a heart or other interesting shape, glue on some glitter or other decorations — have some fun with it! Your message could be as simple as “I love you” or “Be Mine Forever”. Your card will be the best card ever because YOU took the time to make it yourself.

Flowers are another big thing on this holiday, and don’t get me wrong, flowers are great. The price of a delivery in a vase from a florist is not so great though — especially if you are trying to save money. There is nothing wrong with going to a local grocery store, super store or drug store — or even a reasonable florist shop — and picking them out yourself. You deliver the flowers. It adds an additional personal touch and it shows you took the time to hand pick them, which is a thoughtful gesture.

Plan a fun night in rather than spending a lot of cash to go out. Create a theme — pink, white or red balloons, candles all aglow everywhere, themed confetti and a romantic homemade dinner for two with a table set to put cupid to shame. You can even put little his and hers Valentine messages in bottles placed at designated locations all over the “Valentine” area (You are beautiful, You are the only one for me, etc.), maybe add a little ambiance music playing in the background — and hey, just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t dance! (Note: you may want to do your Valentine festivities on the weekend before if you have children so they can go to grandmas or perhaps have a sleep over with a friend …)

If you want to get your guy or gal a present don’t go for the usual cliche stuffed red teddy bears or big box of chocolates. Guys, you can get your gal jewelry for just about the same price — anything red, pink or white or something symbolic that reminds you of your love for her. Here’s another tip — is there anything she’s been talking about a lot lately? Those are hints … take them. Girls, that same hint technique also applies to you. People tend to talk a lot about the things they like or want. You just have to pay attention.

Keep in mind these three things when buying a gift for guys or girls:

  1. Learn what they like and don’t like if you don’t already know.
  2. Find out if there is anything they need (a new dress, a new chair for their home office).
  3. If all else fails, gift cards to their favorite store will suffice if you just don’t know what else to get.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about couples — don’t forget your kids! I always make a little goodie basket for my children with a few pieces of candy, flowers for my daughter and son and a $10-15 gift card to their favorite stores. I put it in their room the night before while they sleep so they wake up on Valentine’s Day morning with it right there by their beds. It’s a great day to say “I love you” to them in a special way — and a treat for them as well!

Don’t forget the main reason behind Valentine’s Day. It isn’t about gifts and flowers or candy. It is about showing your love and appreciation for the people dearest to you.


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