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4 Last-Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 8, 2012 by Burton Cates in Play with 0 Comments

As an adult, it’s easy to go pick up something special for Mom on Mother’s Day from the mall, but DIY projects are sure to make her feel as special as she did when you were making them in grade school. Save some money this year and create something for your mother to remind her just how special she is to you.

Movie Night Invitation:  Bond with your mom by inviting her to a movie marathon that includes all her favorite films. Or make the night special by donning red carpet-worthy formalwear and having a couple of cocktails with her all-time favorite flick. Use movie ticket clip art, like these from Martha Stewart, that you can print and cutout for insertion in a small envelope.  Be sure to have all her favorite movie night snacks readily available – like popcorn, soda, and candy!

Dressed up flowers: Purchase a small potted plant from your local nursery and dress it up by wrapping the pot in gift paper. Use a toothpick and cutout paper to tag the plant with a special message for Mom.

Personalized stationary: If your mom likes writing cards and letters to friends and relatives, she’ll love some handmade personalized stationary. Purchase some plain stationary from an office supply store and dip-dye it with a water-based paint. Use a colored pen to write her initials on the envelopes and paper once the paint has dried.

Pretty homemade soaps: Your local arts and crafts store has everything you need to make your mom a beautiful soap set this Mother’s Day. From the molds to the glycerin, all you’ll need to do is purchase dried herbs and ingredients (like honey, oatmeal and yogurt) from your grocery store, grab a couple drops of your mom’s favorite fragrance, and whip it all together! If you really want to get creative, use household items instead of molds, like old yogurt cups and cream cheese containers. Use paper bags as gift wrap and cooking string to tie it all together. Slip some fresh herbs in the string and you’re set!

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